ERKEN HABER - President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement regarding the election history in Turkey after the Presidential Cabinet Meeting.

President Erdogan said:

"We felt the need to update June 18, the normal date of Presidential and parliamentary elections, as it coincides with the eve of Eid al-Adha and the pilgrimage period, the exam calendar of our children preparing for university, and the holidays of our primary.

As a political institution, we are responsible for meeting the demands of the nation, as well as ensuring the manifestation of the national will with the highest participation and in the most ideal conditions.

As a result of our evaluations, we think that May 14, 2023 is the most appropriate date for the election. We want to lead our country to the elections on this date. We would be pleased if our Parliament makes this date update with a three-fifths majority in accordance with our constitution. If the required majority in the parliament is not achieved, we, as the President, will take our decision and start the process with a calendar that will ensure that the elections can be held on 14 May.

In earthquakes in Turkey, 912 people died, 5 thousand 385 people were injured In earthquakes in Turkey, 912 people died, 5 thousand 385 people were injured

Our diplomacy is to have a reputation to manage all kinds of tensions and conflicts in our region and our world on the basis of peace. We have difficulties and handicaps to overcome. But thank God, our potential is enough to overcome them all. Our country is about to go to the 2023 elections with such a photo."