ERKEN HABER - Israel sold the “Iron Dome” air defense system to the Greeks for 187 million dollars. When Turkey and TRNC deployed UAVs and SİHAs at Geçitkale Airport near Famagusta, the Greeks panicked and took action to purchase an air defense system.

First, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panayiotopoulos visited Israel, and then the Greek Cypriot Administration made a request for the "Iron Dome" air defense system.

‘Dostumuz’ İsrail Rumlara Demir Kubbe sattı


President gave instructions in Iran, army started operation President gave instructions in Iran, army started operation

Israel accepted this demand and the agreement was signed. The mobile air defense system called 'Iron Dome' was developed by Israel Rafael Advanced Defense Company and Israel Aerospace Industries. The system, which consists of batteries each protecting an area of 150 square kilometers and has a range of 70 kilometers, is still used to destroy rockets fired by Hamas and other resistance groups from the West Bank and Gaza in the air. Israel has neutralized 8 out of every 10 missiles launched in the air with this system since 2011.

Our UAVs in Geçitkale instantly detect every step of the Greeks.

'Iron Dome' was designed to operate in all weather conditions, day and night. The 'Iron Dome', which detects the rockets fired in the air attack thanks to its threat-detecting radars, destroys this rocket with a missile while it is 70 kilometers in the air. Missiles can be fired from mobile units or fixed points, including over the sea. Israel has previously sold 2 batteries of this air defense system to the USA for 373 million dollars, and South Korea has started contacts to buy the same system.