According to the news that the French press based on the data of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Regional Adaptation, the drought caused damage to homes and living spaces in the country.

Cracks have formed in 10.4 million homes as drought and heatwaves have made homes more fragile.

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It is stated that most of the French live in anxiety in their homes due to these cracks, those who have the opportunity move to the garden, and families are in a difficult situation because insurance companies do not include this situation in the scope of natural disasters.

Procedures that take longer than 10 months are scary

Victims are trying to make their voices heard through associations because the authorities do not show enough attention.

On the other hand, it takes at least 10 months for a house to be covered by natural disaster insurance and to complete the procedures.

Within the scope of this process, the responsibility for the repair of damaged houses is solely on the homeowners.

With the decree published on 26 July 2022 in France, only 20 municipalities were included in the drought-affected regions.

It is not clear what will happen to the owners of the damaged houses in other regions.

The main reason for the cracks in the houses in the country is the drought and the deterioration of the clay layer, which has lost its moisture as a result.